"Four-Legged" Sales Calls

Our time with the account executives in the field is where the real training often begins. Not only product knowledge and familiarity skills are honed but actual sales knowledge and invaluable presentation skills are practiced.

The account executive is present while products, services, benefits, and opportunities are presented and observes the entire process. From the time we walk in the door and greet the decision maker to actually asking for the order and “closing the sale”, we are working to ensure the account executive is getting the most out of the experience.

Thorough and positive familiarization with the products, the proper method of presentation and asking for the order or “closing the sale” are our goals with the advertiser at the presentations. 

The advertiser presentation is only one of many benefits to the account executive. Training begins on the way to the appointment. It is in the conversation that precedes the call where proper needs assessment questions are raised by the SPARK consultant. If it is found that the account representative does not have a thorough understanding of what the advertiser’s goals are, what their most profitable products and services are, or what types of advertising they are currently employing, we tailor the presentation to glean this info before the products to be presented are chosen. It is in this way we ensure the right product mix is presented and that the account executive understands the needs assessment process and how it helps to identify needs and close more business.

The skills the account executive learns and practices in the field with the SPARK consultant helps them increase their effectiveness in all advertising product sales. Our goal is to not only generate a large amount of sustainable revenue during these calls, but to ensure the account executive can understands the sales process and becomes confident and knowledgeable of the products, services offered, and closing techniques.

We also cover important topics like “time management”, turning more active accounts in to annual contract customers, gaining market share, and building the account executive’s book of active accounts. These topics are key to the sales team, helping them to become more efficient and productive.

SPARK consultants have over 60 years of combined direct sales experience. They have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of business owners and account executives in the field and provide a wealth of knowledge in sales and sales training, digital and legacy advertising media. SPARK Digital Sales Group consultants have sold over $65 million in media advertising world-wide with account executives just like yours.


Contact us today to learn more about SPARK Digital Sales Group and how we can help! Email us at info@sparkdigitalsalesgroup.com or call our home office at 1-800-917-0820 to leave a message. To contact Tony, Patrick, or Rex directly, please go to our “Meet our Team” page for personal contact information. 


  • $65 million in sales as a team with media companies worldwide
  • Combined 60 years of experience in media advertising and sales
  • Customized, turn-key solutions
  • Performance-based commission/revenue share programs
  • Dedicated, professional, and passionate about what we do