Welcome to Spark Digital Sales Group!

Spark digital sales group is a premiere sales training organization for media companies and their sales staffs. Our team helps the company package, price, present and sell advertising products in their market area. By using a combination of classroom training, seminars and actual 4-legged calls in the field with their account executives; Spark creates a 12 month residual income stream for the media company. 


With over 14 years of experience as a team, Spark is the choice for any media company. Whether training new staff or for refresher courses on tenured execs, we provide the tools and knowledge to properly choose and price products as deliverable packages or bundles to customers in the field. These advertising packages offer such compelling Return On Investment for the business owner, retention and continued profits for the media company are assured.


With our experience in pricing all across the US and Abroad, Publishers can be sure that we will not have price points so high as to lower effective closing rates, nor so low as to leave money on the table.


While we start the process 5 weeks in advance of our visit to the market area, we only spend one week with the sales team in the field. A minimal distraction from day-to-day core sales processes insures current revenue goals will not be jeopardized. We say, “Give Us A Week And We Will Give You A Year!” 


  • Your premier sales training organization
  • We help package, price, present, and sell advertising products in your market area
  • Increase your customers Loyalty & Retention

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